Facilitate an increase in regional subacute bed capacity

Use an online forum or market whereby MSHHS publishes various 'problems' and invites commercial 'solutions' from the market.

In this case, MSHHS would publish a 'problem' about insufficient sub-acute bed capacity and seek proposals on how to solve the capacity issue. For example, a property developer might consort with a care provider to propose the construction of a new facility, or fitout of an existing building (e.g. hotel), suitable for provision of subacute care.

This would be quite different to the traditional procurement process, whereby submissions are requested on the basis of well-defined specifications and requirements. In this case, proposals would be sought on the basis of a broadly-stated problem, and then evaluated on how well the proposed solution solves the problem.

Such an approach is likely to appeal to entrepreneurially-minded organisations who are more likely to generate ideas and concepts that will break the status quo.

Why the contribution is important

  1. Subacute public and private bed capacity in the region is constrained. Creating additional capacity will provide appropriate care options, external to the hospitals.
  2. Actively inviting creative proposals is likely to generate more interest than passively waiting on the market to seize the opportunity.
  3. Creating a formal process will provide a clear pathway for evaluating/accepting alternative proposals that might otherwise be difficult to consider under existing procurement systems.


by AaronGarrad on May 23, 2019 at 11:54AM

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