Establishing a local service sector Network

Multicap is a leading non-government disability service provider with a particular focus on the supports of those with high and complex needs.  We have a strong history of partnering across the service sector including Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) to design and implement innovative solutions that facilitate improved hospital diversion and early discharge outcomes for our customers and other target groups.

We are excited by this Futures Lab Challenge, recognising that a timely discharge from hospital back into a person’s community is more than often the best recovery environment.

We also recognise that this challenge can’t be resolved through the ‘good intent’ of any one agency or ‘care step’ in a person’s recovery journey, instead requiring:

  • Improved whole of service sector integration and partnership
  • Structured service system and care coordination models and;
  • Targeted investment to which address existing pathway gaps.

As such Multicap’s idea is centred on the establishment of ‘The Network’ bringing together key representatives from across the local service sector whom can work in combination to maximize discharge and recovery outcomes for people whom are identified at increased risk of being stranded in Hospital.

‘The Network’ would encompass local stakeholder’s representative of key service systems including

  • The patient and relevant representatives.
  • Metro South Hospital and Health
  • GPs and other Community Health offerings
  • NDIA
  • Public Advocacy and Guardianship
  • Service Providers
    • Disability (incl. Multicap)
    • Service navigation and coordination
    • Mental Health
    • Community Care
    • Housing
    • Specialist providers (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander/ CALD communities)
  • Others as determined appropriate

It is important to recognise that ‘The Network’ would require representation spanning the broad ranging needs of potential consumers and the local community however could be called upon on an ‘as needed’ basis, relevant to the individuals needs and preferences. 

Similarly ‘The Network’ would benefit from representation which includes persons of influence and/or decision makers within their specialist area so that access to available service, resource and asset options is maximized.

Why the contribution is important

Via ‘The Network’ it is Multicap’s view that:

  • Community capacity and capability could be better identified and leveraged
  • Investment into service pathway gaps (such as short term accommodation/Supports) better targeted.
  • Care coordination and service integration maximized
  • Barriers, particularly as it relates to service system gate keepers and access to discretionary resources removed; And
  • Inappropriate placements in Hospital reduced.

Noting the many wonderful ideas already shared within this challenge, Multicap would like to make particular mention of concepts including: Transitional Care Places, Alternate Accommodation, Complex D/C facilitators and Health Funded Transitional Care Teams amongst others.

All of these reflect solutions we perceive can be realised via enhanced sector partnership such as that proposed through establishment of ‘The Network”

by Multicap on May 23, 2019 at 01:03PM

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  • Posted by cazzab May 28, 2019 at 10:04

    This is a good idea. But we also need to take into account that we have state-wide services based through Metro South, one of which is the Queensland Spinal Cord injuries Service (QSCIS) - there needs to be more than just a HHS focus. This also isn't also juts a problem for Metro South so perhaps we need Corporate office involved in the network as a stakeholder
    What is designed could also be a template to help other HHSs
    The network would also benefit from specialist NGO input from services such as Spinal Life Australia
    What about involving other organisations such as NIISQ, MAIC, Hopkins, APA, AMA, OT Qld etc to help with objective input, research and possible funding support
    Home modifications is a huge block through NDIA
  • Posted by Karmono13 May 28, 2019 at 13:25

    Excellent idea
  • Posted by Multicap May 29, 2019 at 12:43

    Thanks cazzab - Some great points!

    We wholeheartedly agree that "The Network" concept is strengthened through participation and partnership between multiple agencies/NGO's representative of the local community, who are able to offer specialist capability, capacity and knowledge.

    And Yes - this is clearly not an just an isolated challenge for Metro South and so a proven design could absolutely be replicated across other HHS's.

    Thanks for your support
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