Enhanced Allied Community Post Acute and Hospital Avoidance Services

People generally prefer being at home to being in hospital.  Allied health staff complement the work done by the team in supporting care at home, and can prevent hospitalisations.  Current staffing is inadequate to meet this need.

Why the contribution is important

These ideas were raised in April 2019 consultations with metro south allied health staff as part of the HHS planning process.

Ideas included

  • Be responsive to patients’ needs and inter and intra-hospital patient flow by maximising (a) full and extended scope of professional practice (including AH Assistants), (b) integrated electronic records (including a system for community health) and data analysis and (c) technology to enhance inter-professional teamwork and clinical care 7 days a week
  • Therapeutic service provision (eg. EWE) and engagement at all relevant facilities in partnership with aged care providers for improved home and community based services and alternatives to hospital admission
  • Transform HITH and Care-Pact services to include 7 day a week AH services and align clinical demand of patient need with professional profiles (eg. Social work and speech pathology rapid response, patient flow navigation).
  • Optimise technology for home-based follow-up
  • Growing paediatric services to provide expert care closer to home.







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