Enhance MSPCS to provide comprehensive face-to-face essential specialist palliative care across MSH seven days a week

Enhance the Metro South Specialist  Palliative Care Service (MSPCS)  to provide an uniterrupted comprehensive and essential   seven day face-to-face service across all MSH sites inclusive of the MSPCS community/home based  and RACF arm. 

Why the contribution is important

Patients approach  the end of life and/or need specialist palliative care support and consultation  to meet their needs idependent of the day of the week and place of care.  Due to historic funding,MSPCS currently is only able to provide  a full a face-to-face service during business hours Monday to Friday with a skeletal  specialist community service and only  CNC support at QEII Hospital functional   on the  weekends and public holidays. The lack of essential specialist palliative care  seven day face-to-face support across MSH adds signficant strain to the patient/family unit's  palliative care needs and system responsiveness alike resulting in multilevel  poor outcomes.

Those end of life and palliative  patients in acute beds,  together with their families and referring clinical teams  are unfortunately   stuck because there is little that can be practically done in providing  the benefit of usual weekday  face-to-face specialist palliative care  support to facilitate patient  wishes in getting home  with immediate home based palliative care support to set them up or facilitate their transfer to an appropriate palliative care unit if they are unable to be at home.

Enhancing the service to provide essential specialist palliative care across all MSH sites inclusive of its community and RACF arms seven days a week can only  positively contribute to  palliative patient/family care as well as clinicain support. This will also  clearly allow integrated   continuity of patient care  in their place of choice and facilitate their wishes if they do not want to be in an acute hospital setting.

by parkergr on May 28, 2019 at 12:15AM

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  • Posted by SueHealy May 30, 2019 at 13:40

    Having a fully uninterrupted comprehensive and essential seven day face-to-face service across all MSH sites would promote better patient flow through acute care facilities. Patients could be redirected into either a palliative care unit or home (being community or residential aged care facility) if that is their desire. This would allow them to die in their place of choice, with the dignity they deserve at their end life. The patients could be supported in an environment that promotes good symptom management as well as addressing their physical and psychosocial aspects of care. Family can also be present with the patient at end of life and in an environment that has adequate support. Often family members are not able to stay in acute care facilities or number of family members able to stay is reduced.

    Therefore having specialist palliative care CNC on weekends can facility this transfer within the acute care facilities to either palliative care unit or home as well as a fully resourced community team of specialist palliative care CN, transfer of patients to home can also be facilitated allowing the patient to die in their place of choice.

  • Posted by FranklLy May 30, 2019 at 15:40

    It's all about dignity and choice.
    A comprehensive service is essential.
  • Posted by sankeyb May 31, 2019 at 11:18

    Metro South staff need access to specialist palliative care clinicians 7/7 to guide palliative approach to care and terminal phase care for our patients. We have only one chance to get the latter right for that person.
  • Posted by lesleymcleod May 31, 2019 at 13:09

    Palliative Care discharges are commonly delayed from Fridays to Mondays as services are not available to support new community clients over the weekend.
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