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The MSH Central Referral Hub is a single entry point to MSH services and we would like to propose a similarly functioning Discharge Hub as a single point to assist the discharge process. The Referral Hub collects data for demand reporting, coordinates load-sharing and distribution of referrals according to capacity and has an excellent understanding of what services are available within MSH. A Central Discharge Hub could provide a similar service in the opposite direction - for patients being referred from MSH facilities to external service providers. If a Central Discharge Hub had information about what services are available, approximate wait times, cost for services and referral requirements, they could support the transfer of care from an acute hospital to an ongoing service provider.


A Discharge Hub could be a partnership – potentially between MSH and the BSPHN. If the service was staffed by MSH Nurse Navigators & CHIP nurses and PHN staff, they could help the enquiring clinician to match the patient needs with the community-based service available and support that transfer of care. It would be the responsibility of the community service providers to ensure the Discharge Hub has up-to-date information about their service. This partnership can build on the work done developing My Community Directory.

Why the contribution is important

It is very difficult for clinicians in Emergency Departments and on wards to know every service that is available for ongoing care. At times, the community based services change referral criteria and intake processes and are unable to share this information with all clinicians working in MSH facilities. A Discharge Hub could be the central contact point for community service providers to update about any changes to their intake/capacity and be a central contact point for MSH clinicians to find out about available services.


The proposed “Discharge Hub” would streamline the discharge process and be of great support to clinicians in acute facilities who wouldn’t otherwise have readily available information about what alternative options exist for their patients. Whilst we believe the proposed supportive partnership would be the most effective way to support discharge, it is also suggested that there could be better education to staff about My Community Directory and that this resource be updated to provide additional useful information.

by RHClinicalCouncil on May 28, 2019 at 11:28AM

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