Disability Transitions Program

The transition of patients with a disability from the childrens setting to the adult setting can be difficult. Patients transfer from a family centred - "wrap around services" approach to a patient centred "individualised services" approach. This loss of services can be very difficult for patients and families. Currently the Childrens Health system provides support to the patient as they transtion but there are no adult services to recieve the patient. 

As people with a disabilty become older barriers to acsessing primary health care in the community may develop. This may result in reduced reviews at GP clinics and a reduction in the engagement with their health. 

Other states such as NSW have transitional care programs that follow patients until they are 25 years old. People work with patients to ensure barriers are removed and they remain engaged with their health. The key principals of there program are outlined below


Nurse Navigators work with patients in hosptial and the community partnering with primary health care providers. A trnastion program could easily be integrated into the Nurse Navigation program for a small amount of funding and would align the care we provide to other states in Australia. 

Why the contribution is important

This would improve the care of patients with a disabilty and ensure they remain engaged with their health as they leave the childrens system. 

This would result in fewer unplanned admissions into the hospital system and better outcomes for patients. 

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