Designated Complex D/C Facilitator

I have spent a long time working on wards across all areas at the PA Hospital, and I consistently see the same problem. When we as clinicians are presented with a complex discharge we don’t have enough time to manage it efficiently. We do the best we can which usually means small actions each day, that over a long period of time may result in an acceptable discharge.

I believe that if we had dedicated complex discharge facilitator, they would be able to dedicate the required time and resources to sort through the issues in days or weeks, rather than the months it usually takes.

Now you may he thinking isn’t that the role of SW? Or don’t we already have D/C coordinators? And we do, and they do a great job for the majority of patients, but when we are confronted by the really complex cases, the ones that require repatriation, or there is no suitable accomodation or the hospital in their catchment won’t take them - the ones that literally stay on the wards for months, then unfortunately the issues are too great to be managed effectively when you are also juggling a full caseload.

What I am talking about is a dedicated role that only takes on the really complex cases and dedicates their time to get them out ASAP, and taking months off the length of stay and freeing up the rest of the team to deal with the less complex patients. 

It would require funding a new position, which is always are hard sell, but ultimately it would be saving the HHS in the long term by reducing the burden and cost of the long stay patients.


Why the contribution is important

It will save money, reduce burden of the MDT and ultimately get patients home quicker.

by GVW on May 20, 2019 at 08:20PM

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