Delayed transfers of care targets

Set specific targets for delayed transfers and extract monthly data from the EMR to provide insight.

A ‘delayed transfer of care’ occurs when a patient is ready to leave a hospital or similar care provider but is still occupying a bed. Delays can occur when patients are being discharged home or to a supported care facility, such as a residential or nursing home, or are awaiting transfer to a community hospital or hospice.

The Kings Fund (independent think tank in England) defines a patient as being ready for transfer when:

  • a clinical decision has been made that the patient is ready for transfer, and
  • a multidisciplinary team has decided that the patient is ready for transfer, and
  • the patient is safe to discharge/transfer.


Why the contribution is important

Longer stays in hospital are associated with increased risk of infection, low mood and reduced motivation, which can affect a patient’s health after they’ve been discharged and increase their chances of readmission to hospital.

Delayed transfers of care also have a negative impact on the finances and performance of the health and care system. 


by sharb on May 20, 2019 at 05:46AM

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