Cooperation with care facilities for quicker d/c

Based on the data captured over the years, it is at hand that long-stay patient are the most cost expense for the organisation. A potenial solution is to cooperate with care facilities and occupy/hold spaces in advance. In order to calculate how many spaces are required through out the year, the caputered data will display a number which can be averaged over the years to hava a fairly precious number.

The benefit for the care facilities is, they would be given compensation for occupying/holding space for the hospitals. The finances to fund it, is accumilated through faster discharges of the potential long-stay patients. Empty spaces in those facilities can be turned into profit by reserving the space for potential hospital patients. 

The benefit for the hospitals is, faster discharge patients to appropriate facilities. Eventually it will free up money to reinvest and pay for the spaces being held by care-facilites.

Also, it creates a higher demand in facilites which leads to a increase of establishing new facilites. External stakeholders and different areas will profit from it, too.


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It is a straight-forward approach which could be trailed in timley manner. The extra work required to put the idea into practice, is multidisciplinary. Test phase can be operated on a small scale and with little financial stress.

by DB on May 30, 2019 at 12:48PM

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  • Posted by bcargill May 31, 2019 at 11:09

    By care facilities are you referring to Residential Aged Care Facilities? For patients over 65 years of age this is a good idea.

    For people of any age we could potentially partner with DOH to provide a suitable house and an NGO to provide ongoing support for those patients who don't need to receive nursing care. Perhaps Q Health to look at under utilised (if any) buildings which could be converted/used for beds and partner with NGO's to provide ongoing support.
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