Connected Care

Care Connection

Communication across Federal/State/NGO’s need to be enhanced so those using the services receive correct entitlements

Provide access to a pathway across as many services as possible to answer questions :

What is going to happen today

What needs to happen to get me home

When is it going to happen

Who is going to help me

A holistic approach to make sure that a pathway is established to allow for someone to remain in their home in a safe environment.  Currently with wait times / delays / incorrect information  there is a huge risk of clients falling through the gaps.

MASS already have health professionals to assess clients needs.  Provide both online support as well as training support education services to allow preventative care.

Cost effective to ensure that people getting value for money.  By outsourcing all the services it dilutes the final cost of care to people that is crucial so people can maintain their independence at home.  People are saving to purchase expensive items in their HCP’s/NDIS plans  whist reducing their personal care that exposes them to a greater risk of returning to hospital.  Current Service Providers are reaping the benefits of  banking unspent funds, leaving people needing care exposed to risk of further complications.   MASS warehousing also can be expanded and allocation through the providers also ensures that there is a Quality and Assurance in place.

Why the contribution is important

There is such a large gap whereby people don’t know what they don’t know.   Attending hospital and being told to go see admin who are already stretched to the limits.  Leaving and not having the pathway to help stay within the community.  This is a time whereby it is critical that someone can direct them down the right path.  A Team backed by health professionals that are also able to assess the clients journey.  Access to equipment and co-ordinate vital resources to allow people to live in the community with the care and respect that they deserve.

An old Russian fable regarding a village whereby the elderly or disabled where taken up a mountain and pushed off a cliff (yes this was told to me as a child!!!) one day the village nearby were stuck down with an illness that the fit and young were unable to identify.  It wasn’t until an elderly healer who had hidden up the mountain for years knew what to do.  The village learnt the hard way that the current system was going to lead them down the wrong path and changed the cliff policy!

We have had such a vast shift of trained resources out in the community that we are doing the same.  The Community Connection should be maintained and enhanced.

The Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) provides funding for medical aids and equipment to eligible Queensland residents who have a permanent and stabilised condition or a disability. The scheme helps people to live at home and avoid early or inappropriate residential care or hospitalisation.   Aids and equipment are subsidy funded on a permanent loan basis, through private ownership or the supply of consumables. If you pay for more than 50% of the cost for an item, you can choose to take ownership, rather than having a permanent loan. However, this means that you are responsible for all repairs to that item.


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