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Increase community health services to ease pressure on the hospital systems.  Possible have an after hours GP clinic set up in these sites to eliminate the need for an emergency department visit to the public hospitals for procedures that don't require admission to the hospitals.

It is extremely hard to find a GP that is opened past 6.00pm.

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To help ease the pressure on the Emergency Departments at the public hospitals.  Could also help with follow up visits after being discharged from the hospitals.

by peasleys on May 17, 2019 at 07:44AM

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  • Posted by robyn May 18, 2019 at 09:49

    To add to the comment that it is hard to find a GP that is open in the evening, in my experience it is impossible to get an appointment to see our regular GP, or the other two doctors at the same clinic, for several days and sometimes a week (even the emergency spots they keep get filled). This is a problem for one member of my family who has complex medical conditions and medications that other GPs outside of our regular clinic do not want to deal with and have on several occasions said they can't help and offered no alternative. So, it might not be an emergency but it's also something that can't wait several days - so going to the hospital emergency department seems to be the only choice after trying the pharmacist and 13HEALTH for advice. So agreed that something like 24-hour medical clinic structures is great but how can these be run in such a way that people who turn up to them get an adequate and compassionate response.
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